Coverage of the Jita Riots

FIRSTLY: This thread isn’t supporting or decrying the protests, just reporting on it. Feel free to add any media information you see, screenshots, videos etc. but please use the other threads for feedback about the events.

Light Speed Interactive are reporting about the ongoing protests taking place all over New Eden right now.

I’ve just arrived on the scene in Rens and we’ve got a small protest building up. Around 400 in local and there is more protest talk in local than trade talk.

As you can see from other threads, Jita and Amarr protests are in full swing right now.

We’ll have updates from Lacrime Delsole on what’s going on in Jita and Amarr here soon.

See the full report

We’ve done some interviews about the players current feelings with the protesting and are inviting others to add their opinions on this thread

Introducing Monocle Madness

Light Speed Interactive
Contact: Velicia Tuoro
Corporation: Light Speed Interactive


The final between 0utbreak and HYDRA RELOADED raises a 3.8 billion ISK prize pool.
Monocle Madness have stated “more to come

As the 9th Alliance Tournament reached its finale, a small group of entrepreneurs provided a means for Capsuleers throughout New Eden to put away their guns and let their money do the talking for a chance to win big.

Operating a dedicated gambling channel, bets were taken on the possible outcome of the 23 matches scheduled for this year’s event. Betting started off conservatively with the first match on Saturday accumulating a mere four million ISK pot. As the winnings were paid out immediately, the Capsuleers became more confident, increasing the prize pool to over 400 million for the “Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED” match.

“The parimutuel betting system we used provided a fast, exciting and addictive experience for the gamblers. It worked so well, we’ve set up Monocle Madness [MO-MA].” said Mr. Richard Galaxy. “Using Google Docs as an odds sheet let all the gamblers see their bets changing the odds in real time, allowing pay outs to flow in real time.”.

“We had some great fun and great times.” Ms. Bastet Aiona, CEO of Tir Capital Management Group [TIRCM] stated as she closed off the day. “We brokered 700 million ISK in bets today with 100% satisfied betters. We’ll be back tomorrow for the finals, all day”.

Re-opening the next day, betting kicked off moderately with a 55 million ISK pool spread between those betting on “The Perihelion Alliance”. As word began to spread about the betting, the Gambling Den filled out and the pot peaked at just short of 700 million for the high DPS slugfest of “B A N E vs WE FORM VOLTRON”.

After the intermission, participants in the channel grew to over 70 as the final rounds began to generate pools of over one billion ISK each. The team were canvassing the major trade hubs to spread the word which was attracting some positive and negative attention. Scammers began asking for direct ISK transfers but were quickly identified and protected against by combating their posts with advertising the official channel along with support from channel members.

Not everyone was winning though. One unlucky player, having bankrupted himself on a series of poor choices, was spotted six million ISK from Ms. Aiona’s personal wallet to get back into the game, just in time for his luck to turn. That six million was quickly turned into over 35 million ISK of profit which he walked away with, rather than risking it on the final match.

As the last semi final match closed, the channel was delighted to discover that one of the high rollers was a member of the finalist team HYDRA RELOADED. He was seen off to his match with number of good luck messages, even from players who were betting against his team. He did not bet on, or against his team.

The final between Outbreak and HYDRA RELOADED climaxed with a pool of 3.9 billion ISK with the largest bet of the event at one billion on HYDRA RELOADED by Azerath of Morsus Mihi. When asked how he felt with handing over such a large amount, he replied with: “You had already paid out tens of billions in previous matches, so I figured your hearts were in the right place.”

Ms. Aiona closed off the gambling with a look to the future. “Tir Capital Management is proud to have sponsored this event. It has been a great success and we are looking forward to supporting similar events in future”.

About Monocle Madness
Monocle Madness is a gaming and gambling organisation that runs secure gaming and gambling events for the outgoing Capsuleer.
Monocle Madness

About Tir Capital Management
Tir Capital Management Group is a venture capital corporation that finds the right people to make great opportunities become a reality. Our investment experience and network of service corporations can make anything possible within New Eden.

About Light Speed Interactive
Light Speed Interactive provide PR, Online and Media services to Corporations throughout New Eden.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Bastet Aiona from Tir Capital Management or Richard Galaxy from Monocle Madness, please EVE Mail Velicia Tuoro.

Forum Threads from the Event can be seen here: