What happened to that Nyx in The Bleak Lands?

We were lucky enough to get some time with Salamaar of Sal’s Waste Management and Pod Disposal to find out about what exactly went on with that Nyx kill in The Bleak Lands back in January.


Have a read below:

Sit back and relax as I spin you a little tale about a backwater system called Uusanen, where a group of Waste Management Specialists, formed under The Mockers Alliance, perform a much needed “cleaning up” service.

The setting for our story is Uusanen, a fledgling trade hub but otherwise unremarkable system in The Bleak Lands; a low security region within the Amarr-Minmatar front of faction warfare; where a group of like minded alliances have formed a coalition committed to carving out a small area of space they can call their own.

Our story unfolds like any typical day in The Bleak Lands, with small groups of pilots patrolling their area of influence looking for any targets of opportunity. However tonight would prove to be anything but typical.

“I have a Nyx on scan in Sosala” a capsuleer calls across the Alliance Intel channel.

As you could imagine, this peaked some interest and some questions. What was a Nyx doing here in low sec? A couple of scans revealed that the Supercarrier was outside a station. A quick warp over with some covert eyes to confirm who the Nyx Pilot was: StarshipTrooper.

Quickly a HIC pilot got into system but moments before he could position himself he was noticed and called out in local. Shortly thereafter the report from system was that “Wait… it’s gone. He’s jumped? Apparently our quarry had quickly moved on? or had they?

Next, a pilot in Uusanen one system over calls out “I have a cyno here now”. An FC responds: “Get on it. We may have gotten lucky.” Immediately the cyno disappears, denying us an opportunity once again. There’s definitely disappointment in that. There is a strange satisfaction in killing cyno ships, especially when they are in your own backyard. Suddenly over voice comms, you can hear an excited voice “Hey- there’s still a Nyx on Scan!”

With that information we set our intelligence network off to pull any information on the guy, while we got some covert eyes in place. Just as the cloaky landed, the Nyx warped, disappearing in the direction of the sun and quickly disappearing off of scans. We figured that he had warped to a safe spot or had warped to the Star at range and cloaked up.

At this point we knew we were facing a problem. We had a Supercarrier cloaked in one of our systems and no idea what his intentions were. He had lost a ship earlier in the day. Was he going to move in a POS and set up operations in our backyard? Or was he the bait of a hot drop or Titan bridge?

Time to get a plan in place. We assembled 2 HIC pilots and got them standing by at a 20AU safe spot with a dedicated combat prober, just in case he came back up on scan. Then, after a quick check of the moons, started bringing up POS’s on the 5 moons without one to make sure we didn’t end up with this guy outstaying his welcome behind a POS shield.

While the POS’s were going up, our Intel Network got some solid hits back on the pilot. It appeared that the account was traded about a month ago and since that time he had already lost one Supercarrier. Inexperienced and careless? These were all good marks in our favour: could this mean he was solo with no backup? 5 minutes later we’d formed up 25 combat pilots in a number of ships, from frigates to battleships. Our batphone started to send out our signal to our allies to standby for some additional numbers if we managed to catch him.

The Nyx pilot stayed cloaked for almost an hour while we continued our build up of troops and assets. Tensions were high as we expected him to uncloak and jump system denying us the opportunity once again, locator agents were being used and scouts dispatched to harass the known cyno pilot. Finally, one of our pilots catches him on scan as he decloaks towards the Sosala gate cluster. Our combat scan prober had his probes out standing by and quickly drops them on towards the gate and hit scan. Bang: 100% hit on first scan so he warps the HIC’s in for the point.

When they land they see that the Supercarrier is aligned and warping to the Erkinen gate. We sent pilots there at different ranges to land on him. Fighting him on the gate wasn’t the greatest idea but we would do it if he gave us no choice. The heavy interdictors landed at 30 km and 50 km from the gate as luck would have it the Supercarrier landed at 100 km from the Erkinen gate and immediately began to reverse course.

The heavy interdictor pilots were not able to burn fast enough towards the Nyx before it warped back towards the Sosala gate. We followed in warp to the gate to get on grid with our prober.

Landing at the Sosala gate, we realized the Nyx wasn’t there and was off scan – it must have dropped a couple of safe spots having destroyed his cyno pilot to deny us the killmail. Fortunately our combat scanner brought his A-game and had been bookmarking his location every 10 seconds while he was in warp. In an act born out of genius and desperation we started to retrace the book marks from bottom up. After the second warp we landed on and uncloaked the Nyx.

The Heavy interdictors called point and burned out to 15km to ensure a single ECM burst would not allow an escape. The rest of the combat squad was called in and we started to apply neuts to take away his cap while our DPS started to go to work.

The bat phone was ringing as our support wanted to join in, asking us what we needed. We told them to stand by with some heavy DPS until we knew what this guy was going to do. Anticipation was that hostile reinforcements would be arriving momentarily. We got his shields to melt and he started to send out wave after wave of fighters. He first tried to remove the two interdictors with cap drains and fighter swarms but he failed as both pilots knew their stuff and were able to maintain a rotation allowing logi to keep them effective.

Once we finished off with the shields we hit a brick wall of armour that didn’t seem to be moving. By now we felt safe that this was a solo pilot and that he was working alone so we called in our tactical support in the form of Ushra’Khan. A cyno goes up on the field and they jump in a Dread to assist with the DPS. Swarms of fighter drones start to assault the Dread and fighters were called primary them to remove the DPS from the Dread.

Shadows were called primary and removed from the field, followed by Templars, and Firbolgs. Somewhere in the back of voice comms another FC wept softly “not the Shadows those are worth 1.5 billion each!”. The rotations followed with drones being primaried, and either destroyed or recalled into the safety of the fighter bay. In the end this decrease in DPS paid dividends as the Dread exited Siege, and shortly afterwards the field at 10% structure. Soon after the fighters were exhausted and focus was returned to the Nyx.

As the remnants of the armour failed and the structure was following, a concept was mentioned over comms. If the guy can afford a second super, his pod was likely valuable as well.

Unfortunately bubbles are not available in low-sec, and we had to resort to attempting to land a smart bomb battleship on the pod. Unfortunately some pilots (who shall not be named until they are AWOX’d) succumbed to the red mist and ignored the repeated ceasefire calls while the bomber was in warp. Obviously the thought of having a supercap final blow was irresistible.

Predictably Murphy’s Law proved true, and the smart bomb battleship arrived on grid in time to see the explosion, but not in time to be able to cycle his weapons, and we saw the (likely) juicy pod warp away. As expected, comms were chaotic as loot was removed from the field.

As the adrenaline rush began to subside the result of our efforts began to set in. We killed a Nyx in low sec without losing a single ship and almost had the pod too.

Death to all Supercaps?

Monocle Madness’ Lottery Platform Opens to the Public

Light Speed Interactive
Contact: Velicia Tuoro
Corporation: Light Speed Interactive


Monocle Madness website now officially open. 100B+ Grand Prize ISK Lottery with thousands of smaller prizes launched alongside Alliance Tournament X live betting

Light Speed Interactive would like to introduce Monocle Madness (MoMa) to the Eve Online community. Created following a successful Alliance Tournament Betting platform last year [1], Monocle Madness brings a brand new lottery format and an automated betting platform to enterprising Capsuleers.

“Not only are we launching with one of Eve’s biggest lotteries, we’ll be supporting real time betting on the Alliance Tournament, for the second year in a row, ” said Mr. Richard Galaxy. “Last year we handled more than 16 billion ISK over the whole tournament, and this year we want to smash that record”

MoMa will be hosting a channel dedicated to the tournament from start to finish. They will be taking bets and paying out immediately after each match has completed. Richard Galaxy added: “We believe that live events are more fun than automated systems. So we’ll be doing both so we can handle larger volumes and enjoy the tournament together. ”

“Capsuleers are tired of the small prizes — they want something big, and we’re here to deliver,” said the CEO of Monocle Madness: Mr. Tony Two Bullet. “Along side the gambling, we will be keeping the lotteries running. If one closes, we’ll open another with even better prizes.”

When asked about how the lotteries would work, Mr. Tony Two Bullet explained:

“Monocle Madness’ lottery philosophy is simple. We want to put out huge grand prizes supported by hundreds of smaller ones, giving you a high chance of winning. Our platform makes it easy for us to hand out hundreds, if not thousands of prizes and combine it with mega lotteries, effectively taking the micro and the mega and putting it together. Go out there and give us a try!”

Play Monocle Madness Lotteries at: http://www.monoclemadness.com/

[1] http://www.lightspeedinteractive.net/2011/06/introducing-monocle-madness

About Monocle Madness
Monocle Madness is a lottery and gambling organisation that runs ‘Mega Insane’ lotteries and real time gambling events for the outgoing Capsuleer.
Monocle Madness

About Light Speed Interactive
Light Speed Interactive provide PR, Online and Media services to Corporations throughout New Eden.
Light Speed Interactive


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Richard Galaxy from Monocle Madness, please EVE Mail Velicia Tuoro.

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Fan Fest Special Report

New Nemesis concept art

The work on missile launchers required changes to stealth bombers so they can fit. Here is some concept art for the new Nemesis

Well, Fan Fest is over and I suspect there are a lot of painful hangovers this morning and a lot of people dying to get home and log into Eve properly for the first time in a few days. Sadly, Light Speed Interactive were unable to attend in person this year, but we were able to watch the streaming of the key presentations. We compiled out the key points for all of those unable to attend or see the live feeds themselves.

The Crimewatch presentation detailed CCP rolling their sleeves up and making major improvements to the code known as “Crimewatch”. Crimewatch is responsible for the aggression flagging mechanics in Eve Online and, by CCP’s own admission, very complicated and prone to breakage. Although the intent appears to be code simplification and overhaul, CCP Greyscale highlighted some significant and possibly game changing changes from this work.

Our notes on the Eve Forums have generated quite a large thread about the changes, the majority appearing to be around the concept of the new “suspect” flagging and a suspects ability to defend themselves from other players.

War Declarations
With Inferno being a war based expansion, CCP have decided to reinvigorate the Corporation War Declaration mechanics. Prior to this, there was a lot of concern that CCP would make wars easier to avoid, but they have gone with entirely the opposite approach. The new war dec system is being built around the concept that if you want to run or be in a Corporation then you need to live with wars. You won’t be able to hide from them, and if people figure out ways of avoiding them, these will be considered holes that will be patched.

Although not as lively as the Crimewatch thread, there has been some debate around the new mechanics proposed, many of them surrounding the war cost being related to the size of the target corporation, something which was flagged in the session as possibly open to abuse.

Faction Warfare
Faction Warfare is something which was long believed to have been abandoned somewhat by CCP, support somewhat by their lack of attendance at the Faction Warfare round table at the 2011 Fanfest. Not this year however, with Faction Warfare behind highlighted as something they were planning on addressing in the Inferno expansion.

CCP appear to have approached Faction Warfare changes with the intent of creating consequences. Prefacing with a statement that they don’t want to replicate the 0.0 sovereignty and associated politics, they are considering similar elements, meaning that militia success would result in systems changing sovereignty. They even threw in the possibility of upgrading systems via the donation of LP, leading to the possible deployment of items like cynojammers to protect systems.

Although this does appear to expand the Eve sandbox considerably; meaning that faction warfare may have lasting impact on consequences on the Eve landscape and possibly even its storyline, there appears to be significant resistance building to the changes from Faction Warfare players themselves. It seems the militias consider this sort of functionality as too close to the 0.0 warfare which a lot of them are trying to avoid.

Ship Balancing
The ship balancing presentation went into a little more detail around the ‘ship line’ changes proposed in an earlier dev blog. They want to restructure the way the ship trees work, ensuring that under utilised ships are given a new lease of life and address some new player verses veteran player imbalances. They claimed to be rebalancing how T3 ships compare with their T2 equivalents, with T2 being ideally more effective than their T3 counterparts but significantly less flexible. The example pulled out was suggestion that Command Ships should be providing great bonuses than their T3 ganglink ships.

Art Panel

New Stealth Bomber concepts

Concepts for new Stealth Bomber designs

Here the CCP Art Department were able to show off what they were recently working on for Inferno. The main highlight was the work being done on missile launcher turrets, and the associated rework needed on the on ships to support them. The most dramatic of this was the rework needed on the Stealth Bomber class of ships so they could fit the larger siege missiles and bomb launchers.

The missile launchers looked great, and if the video linked below is any guide of how the finished product is going to look, the single glowing ball of light that our missiles currently are will be replaced with actual missiles, complete with smoke trails! Grouped missiles will also look like a swarm of missiles, each being a separate missile with a separate trail.

DUST514, Eve and CCP Keynote
Each of the three days had a keynote speech, summarising what had gone before it, plus adding in new information about what was coming. The DUST514 keynote showed us for the first time a full demonstration of how DUST514 plays. First up we were shown a “Captain’s Quarters” equivalent for the DUST players, alongside a rather impressive looking communal war room. Next was a quick run through the skills and fitting (7 years of possible skill training time?!) and then finally planet side as two devs assaulted a base, both on foot and in a set of vehicles.

The crowning moment however was at the end of the presentation, where the connection between Eve and DUST514 was demonstrated fully by an orbital bombardment of an enemy installation, requested by the DUST soldiers, accepted and delivered by the Eve Player in orbit. Very exciting stuff.

The Eve Keynote started up by confirming some dates for us. Inferno will be released on May the 22nd with a preliminary patch beforehand on the 24th of April called “Escalation to Inferno”. The presentation then moved through the other presentation content, confirming what would be coming in the Inferno release.

We saw some information about how DUST514 was connecting into Eve Online, a new API interface called Carbon REST, or cREST for short. This interface was then revealed to be in the pipeline release for 3rd party developers and will allow write access on certain functionality back to the Eve Online databases. This means that 3rd party developers may soon be able to build application to help with playing Eve. We expect to quickly see tools for handling the more mundane Corporation tasks, such as standings and member management.

The CCP Presents keynote went further into the future, showing what could be possible with the new graphics cards on the markets now, demonstrated by a Revenant supercarrier flying through an asteroid belt and having constant collisions with the rocks. We were also introduced to a “graphic cards for Plex” concept, allowing players to purchase an nVidia graphics card with Plex alone. We aren’t sure where this will lead, but does seem to be a “testing the market and rules” move on CCPs behalf.

Concept art showing how weapons fire hitting the shields could look

Concept art showing how weapons fire causing structure damage could look

After a well done introduction to CCP Pokethulu, CCP’s new marketing guy which we feel did a good job to allay any fears of “Marketing” out among the players, CCP TorfiFrans and Hillmarr came on to the stage to talk about what else could be coming in the future.
This included hints around a complete overhauls of the POS system, making POS’s something that everyone should want to own, changes to mining to introduce cometary or ring mining as a far more group based activity than normal belt mining.
There were also some concept screens showing an overhauled overview alongside demonstrations of ships displaying damage differently based on if they were taking shield, armour or structure damage (see concept images on right). We were also treated to the sight of an supercarrier rippling with explosions, and being destroyed in stages rather than just with a single explosion.

Penultimately, Tortifrans talked about the possibilities of avatar based game play, showing us a concept video of someone exploring an ancient station and pointing out that this is Eve and there could be a very real threat of being locked away in there with no escape.

Wrapping the show up, Hillmar reminded us all the Eve was hard, and was going to stay that way, before coyly blowing our minds with CCPs latest trailer, introducing DUST514 to the Eve Online Universe

Eve Keynote

CCP Keynote

Light Speed Interactive Field Reporter found alive after 30 days.

It’s with great relief to announce that our Metropolis region reporter Viktor Levick, who disappeared during the Sansha incursion lead by Slave Gelhan01 in Hebisa, has been found alive after thirty days missing.

Viktor was dispatched to investigate the new wormhole and was able to send back a large amount of analysis data before dropping out of contact minutes after the Sansha forces deployed through the wormhole and engaged the capsuleer forces in Hebisa.

His severely damaged Minmatar designed shuttle was discovered over 500km from the incursion location, well out of standard ship sensor range.

Capsuleer Darix Lentiri

Light Speed Interactive were able to grab a few minutes with his would be rescuer, Darix Lentiri:

“Me and a couple of buddies had been salvaging some of the wreckage left from the incursion over the past few weeks. The whole site was pretty much picked clean so I ran a few scans to see if anything had drifted out of range and found his wreck. Luckily I’d brought a scan probe launcher me and was able to find him pretty quickly.”

We asked if he had any ideas how he could have been so far away from the initial incursion site:

“The shuttle was a real mess. Something had hit it hard, smashing one side completely. One of its thrusters was still intermittently firing though, pushing it on. I’m guessing it just drifted out over the last few weeks. Makes you think doesn’t it? Being a capsuleer, my pod would have kept me safe. I’ve no idea how he coped out here on his own.

Viktor remains under close observation at the medical facility in nearby Polstodur where he is being treated for minor injuries, severe dehydration and starvation. We hope to get a face to face interview with him soon to learn about happened out in Hebisa and how he could have survived so long.

Large Capsuleer fleet engages Sansha Nation Supercarrier in Oijamon

Capsuleer Fleet engages Beast Lords at Oijamon’s sun.

Sansha Kuvakei made another daring raid into Empire Space today bringing a huge fleet of battleships, battlecruisers and a flagship Supercarrier, The Kundalini Manifest into Oijamon.

Using their wormhole technology, the Sansha were quickly able to bring the local constellation to a stand still, positioning themselves on system gates and station docking entrances to prevent the free movement of the local population. Resistance was swiftly beaten down as lasers, torpedoes and a selection of EWAR was brought to bear on any ships entering the system or undocking.

The pilots of New Eden responded in kind as soon as word began to spread out over the local communications channels, forming up huge fleet to drive them back. At one point in the battle, nearly 200 capsuleers had engaged the Sansha forces, working to remove their support ships before turning their fire onto the Flagship Super Carrier.

After a long and intense battle, the Kundalini Manifest was destroyed and the wormhole on the gate to Auviken collapsed. Celebrations, however were short lived as reports quickly came in of a second wormhole protected by a huge fleet of Sansha Beast Lords was discovered close to the systems sun. Moving swiftly to intercept, the capsuleers were able to defeat them, destroying over 390 battleships and leaving a sprawling battle field of wrecks.

As to what the Beast Lords were doing at the centre of the system is a different story. Light Speed Interactive have received conflicting reports concerning some direct interest by the Sansha in the Sun itself but we’d advise the local population to not be concerned as yet.

Incursion in Rasile

ISD reported today on an Incursion event in Rasile last week. Light Speed Interactive were on site and captured live footage of the battle.

It was touch and go for the capsuleer fleet at one point, with the fleet preparing to warp out when they started to take heavy losses from the overwhelming Sansha fleet, but their luck held out with the timely collapse of the Sansha wormholes, leaving the Revenant class super carrier at the mercy of the capsuleers.

Light Speed are able to confirm the surprising similarities between the ISD member Tedra Kerrigan and the Sasha Slave piloting the Revenant. Could this suggest something more sinister occurring here?

Offsite Resources:
Eve Online Forums
You Tube Video

Violent Wormhole in Hebisa

Earlier today a strange wormhole opened in Hebisa, an otherwise inconsequential system in the Frar constellation of Metropolis. Light Speed Interactive had an agent on the field who was able to catch some video of the wormhole. Sadly the agent was caught in the cross fire when the Sansha came through the wormhole but was able to transmit some of his early rough footage before being caught and his ship destroyed.

Why this wormhole opened up and appeared stable for a few hours before being used by the Sansha is unclear. Could this be a malfunction of their wormhole devices? Or perhaps a test of new technology. Either way, the Nations ability to open up Wormholes seemingly at will is both terrifying and intriguing.

Right now our thoughts are with the family of Viktor Levick, the brave agent who was able to obtain the footage. We’ll be committing resource to locating him hopefully alive.

Coverage of the Jita Riots

FIRSTLY: This thread isn’t supporting or decrying the protests, just reporting on it. Feel free to add any media information you see, screenshots, videos etc. but please use the other threads for feedback about the events.

Light Speed Interactive are reporting about the ongoing protests taking place all over New Eden right now.

I’ve just arrived on the scene in Rens and we’ve got a small protest building up. Around 400 in local and there is more protest talk in local than trade talk.

As you can see from other threads, Jita and Amarr protests are in full swing right now.

We’ll have updates from Lacrime Delsole on what’s going on in Jita and Amarr here soon.

See the full report

We’ve done some interviews about the players current feelings with the protesting and are inviting others to add their opinions on this thread

Introducing Monocle Madness

Light Speed Interactive
Contact: Velicia Tuoro
Corporation: Light Speed Interactive


The final between 0utbreak and HYDRA RELOADED raises a 3.8 billion ISK prize pool.
Monocle Madness have stated “more to come

As the 9th Alliance Tournament reached its finale, a small group of entrepreneurs provided a means for Capsuleers throughout New Eden to put away their guns and let their money do the talking for a chance to win big.

Operating a dedicated gambling channel, bets were taken on the possible outcome of the 23 matches scheduled for this year’s event. Betting started off conservatively with the first match on Saturday accumulating a mere four million ISK pot. As the winnings were paid out immediately, the Capsuleers became more confident, increasing the prize pool to over 400 million for the “Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED” match.

“The parimutuel betting system we used provided a fast, exciting and addictive experience for the gamblers. It worked so well, we’ve set up Monocle Madness [MO-MA].” said Mr. Richard Galaxy. “Using Google Docs as an odds sheet let all the gamblers see their bets changing the odds in real time, allowing pay outs to flow in real time.”.

“We had some great fun and great times.” Ms. Bastet Aiona, CEO of Tir Capital Management Group [TIRCM] stated as she closed off the day. “We brokered 700 million ISK in bets today with 100% satisfied betters. We’ll be back tomorrow for the finals, all day”.

Re-opening the next day, betting kicked off moderately with a 55 million ISK pool spread between those betting on “The Perihelion Alliance”. As word began to spread about the betting, the Gambling Den filled out and the pot peaked at just short of 700 million for the high DPS slugfest of “B A N E vs WE FORM VOLTRON”.

After the intermission, participants in the channel grew to over 70 as the final rounds began to generate pools of over one billion ISK each. The team were canvassing the major trade hubs to spread the word which was attracting some positive and negative attention. Scammers began asking for direct ISK transfers but were quickly identified and protected against by combating their posts with advertising the official channel along with support from channel members.

Not everyone was winning though. One unlucky player, having bankrupted himself on a series of poor choices, was spotted six million ISK from Ms. Aiona’s personal wallet to get back into the game, just in time for his luck to turn. That six million was quickly turned into over 35 million ISK of profit which he walked away with, rather than risking it on the final match.

As the last semi final match closed, the channel was delighted to discover that one of the high rollers was a member of the finalist team HYDRA RELOADED. He was seen off to his match with number of good luck messages, even from players who were betting against his team. He did not bet on, or against his team.

The final between Outbreak and HYDRA RELOADED climaxed with a pool of 3.9 billion ISK with the largest bet of the event at one billion on HYDRA RELOADED by Azerath of Morsus Mihi. When asked how he felt with handing over such a large amount, he replied with: “You had already paid out tens of billions in previous matches, so I figured your hearts were in the right place.”

Ms. Aiona closed off the gambling with a look to the future. “Tir Capital Management is proud to have sponsored this event. It has been a great success and we are looking forward to supporting similar events in future”.

About Monocle Madness
Monocle Madness is a gaming and gambling organisation that runs secure gaming and gambling events for the outgoing Capsuleer.
Monocle Madness

About Tir Capital Management
Tir Capital Management Group is a venture capital corporation that finds the right people to make great opportunities become a reality. Our investment experience and network of service corporations can make anything possible within New Eden.

About Light Speed Interactive
Light Speed Interactive provide PR, Online and Media services to Corporations throughout New Eden.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Bastet Aiona from Tir Capital Management or Richard Galaxy from Monocle Madness, please EVE Mail Velicia Tuoro.

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