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Light Speed Interactive are here to improve your profile across New Eden. Our professional team is ready and waiting to propel your Corporation or

Event Coverage
Running a event that you want documenting? A big sell off? Perhaps a sporting event, or maybe want an impartial observe on a combat mission. Light Speed Interactive have a team of reporters willing to follow your event and cover it to your specifications.
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Press Releases
Just starting out and needing to get noticed? Or perhaps you are starting a recruitment drive and need something striking to put out. Our professional copywriters can get your message across quickly and clearly.
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Videos and Image Work
A picture can say a thousand words and a great video will leave your Corporations mark in history.
Recent Examples:
Gallery Examples
Video Examples

Alliance Creation Services
Need an Alliance setting up but don’t have a skills? Don’t worry, we can create your alliance for you at a competitive rate.

Web Site Design, Build and Hosting
If you need an online identity, Light Speed Interactive can help. We’ll help you to understand your requirements and turn the into an online presences, and provide the hosting for it as well.

Custom Coding
Got a specific idea for something you need building that either doesn’t exist, or an application that doesn’t quite work as you need it? Let us know and we’ll quote you for getting what you need.

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