Coverage of the Jita Riots

FIRSTLY: This thread isn’t supporting or decrying the protests, just reporting on it. Feel free to add any media information you see, screenshots, videos etc. but please use the other threads for feedback about the events.

Light Speed Interactive are reporting about the ongoing protests taking place all over New Eden right now.

I’ve just arrived on the scene in Rens and we’ve got a small protest building up. Around 400 in local and there is more protest talk in local than trade talk.

As you can see from other threads, Jita and Amarr protests are in full swing right now.

We’ll have updates from Lacrime Delsole on what’s going on in Jita and Amarr here soon.

See the full report

We’ve done some interviews about the players current feelings with the protesting and are inviting others to add their opinions on this thread