Large Capsuleer fleet engages Sansha Nation Supercarrier in Oijamon

Capsuleer Fleet engages Beast Lords at Oijamon’s sun.

Sansha Kuvakei made another daring raid into Empire Space today bringing a huge fleet of battleships, battlecruisers and a flagship Supercarrier, The Kundalini Manifest into Oijamon.

Using their wormhole technology, the Sansha were quickly able to bring the local constellation to a stand still, positioning themselves on system gates and station docking entrances to prevent the free movement of the local population. Resistance was swiftly beaten down as lasers, torpedoes and a selection of EWAR was brought to bear on any ships entering the system or undocking.

The pilots of New Eden responded in kind as soon as word began to spread out over the local communications channels, forming up huge fleet to drive them back. At one point in the battle, nearly 200 capsuleers had engaged the Sansha forces, working to remove their support ships before turning their fire onto the Flagship Super Carrier.

After a long and intense battle, the Kundalini Manifest was destroyed and the wormhole on the gate to Auviken collapsed. Celebrations, however were short lived as reports quickly came in of a second wormhole protected by a huge fleet of Sansha Beast Lords was discovered close to the systems sun. Moving swiftly to intercept, the capsuleers were able to defeat them, destroying over 390 battleships and leaving a sprawling battle field of wrecks.

As to what the Beast Lords were doing at the centre of the system is a different story. Light Speed Interactive have received conflicting reports concerning some direct interest by the Sansha in the Sun itself but we’d advise the local population to not be concerned as yet.